Jacques Phillipe Hébert in Europe

Following the tremendous success obtained during fall 2007 in United States, Jacques has continued to impress the market while he launched his new "Collection 2008" in Europe in June 2008.

For the first time in ages, Jacques accepted to leave his studio on his island and accompanied the promotional team in Europe for a most memorable adventure and was charmed by the Alsace region.

During presentations of Jacques' art work in Europe it was most particular to observe people's reactions and to see their evident appreciation and enthusiasm for his art. His exclusive technique and high end finishing quality of his work, has without any doubts responded to European art amateurs criteria's and tendencies.

Furthermore they have discovered a unique and attaching personality through Jacques approach and direct and sincere way to speak with passion about his work and intense love that fulfills his every day inspiration and expression.

This trip has been most successful in every manner, first on the human and friendship bases secondly as a gastronomical and epicurean experience as well as potentially and commercially promising. You will find an overview of the potential of the European market for fall 2008 in the "developments" section of the site. We also prepared a multimedia presentation of Jacques pictures during the trip, where you will be able to appreciate Jacques’ enthusiasm for this new quest for passion of arts.

Jacques stated the following: "I would like to thank each and every one of you who hosted me so well during our trip, and would like to express that | am carrying deep in my heart and mind memorable souvenirs of this wonderful experience that will certainly be expressed and present in my art forever.

Jacques’ favorite line: "Chi va piano va sano e va lontano" (Slowly but surely) More information will be provided shortly.